El Tony Mate

A 💋 for Tony

Mate with guarana or ginger

El Tony Mate

Freshly brewed mate tea from Argentina, with a smidgen of guarana or ginger. With natural ingredients and 100% vegan, El Tony is everybody’s darling: an energy booster for bookworms, an extra kick for dancing nighthawks and a refresher for bathing beauties.

El Tony Mate


That's what's inside:

El Tony Mate - Inhaltsstoffe - Mate Blatt

fresh cold-brew Mate without concentrate

El Tony Mate - Inhaltsstoffe - Rohrzucker

a pinch of organic cane sugar

El Tony Mate & Guarana - Inhaltsstoffe - Zitrone

a squeeze of lemon

a smooch of guarana or ginger

What the Tony?

What on earth is El Tony?

Freshly brewed in the cold brew process, El Tony Mate is sweetened only slightly with a little organic cane sugar and refined with guarana or ginger. Vegan, with no e-numbers or preservatives.

Where the Tony?

Sip by sip El Tony is taking Europe by storm. Our freshly brewed mate drinks are available in the refrigerated section of select retail outlets, at various bars and naturally in our online shop. Find us or simply put El Tony Mate onto your shelves.

What the Tony is Mate?

If you go to South America, you are bound to come into contact with mate tea. Infused several times in the mate cup, the gourd, and sipped through the bombilla, the traditional straw, mate is referred to as the “drink of the Gods” and has been part of everyday life for more than 1000 years.

El Tony Mate - Inhaltsstoffe - Mate Blatt

El Mundo Tony