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Culture Collective

Culture. Collective. Culture Collective by El Tony is a symbiosis of music, art, events and the beautiful things in life. We celebrate diversity and connect people. Because El Tony is more than just a drink, El Tony is a way of life. With the passion with which we live our everyday lives, we also want to inspire other people to innovate and create. And because inspiration knows no boundaries, this new concept is not limited to a single canton, but is all over Switzerland. With heart and soul, pleasure and the best drinks in the world by El Tony. Come join us

Culture Collective, the first: at Sinnlicht.

Date: tbd

We fly out on an autumn afternoon. We fly out to a unique location where you will feel surrounded by warm light and surrounded by plants, just like in your own living room. Our wonderful artists will provide you with radiant music on a fine sound system, which is quite impressive. But don’t take too much time, because: there is no presale. First come, first served. We are looking forward to seeing you.