Mate frisch aufgegossen

Mate – drink of the gods

Over 1000 years ago the Incas called mate tea the “drink of the Gods” and it has been part of the Southern American culture ever since. Health trends in the West over the last few years have made mate tea, made from yerba mate, into a trendy drink. Nevertheless, our mate is a true all-rounder

El Tony Mate…

… is as invigorating as a coffee – but better. Goodbye shaky ups and downs!

… is as natural and healthy as tea.

… has as few calories as a functional water

… tastes as refreshing as an iced tea.

Mate-Strauch / plante de maté

What actually makes yerba mate so special?

The small cut up and dried leaves of the mate shrub are called yerba. Infused with water, yerba mate tea has been consumed in South America for centuries. But what makes yerba mate so special? The healthy alternative to energy drinks and coffee is full of positive characteristics. These are best explained in the following video.

Full transparency – our mate farm

When it comes to the raw material for our mate tea, we leave nothing to chance. The mate tea used for El Tony Mate comes from our own mate farm in Misiones, Argentina. Therefore we have full traceability and know the faces behind the cultivation. The subtropical climate and the good soil conditions ensure the best quality.

Our drinks are freshly brewed using the cold brew method and also contain no E numbers, preservatives or artificial acidification.

We believe that “fairness” and “sustainability” should not only be a quality label, but a matter of course. Since the mate harvest must be brought in by well-trained specialists and is manual work, all our workers are fairly paid and have comprehensive social insurance. In addition, we pay special attention to occupational safety and accident prevention.

Pindo mate farm in Argentina

Quality you can see

Our Mate tea comes exclusively from our own and sustainable PINDO farm in Argentina.

The in-house nursery of our long-term partner PINDO allows us a direct contact, which in return guarantees the outstanding taste and product characteristics of our Mate.

Our Mate

Fine aroma and mild taste thanks to our gentle drying process. Particularly yielding thanks to a fine cut, without dust and stems.

Other brands

Dusty and with abundant stems. Often smoky and bitter in taste due to roasting over the fire.

The raw tea of El Tony Mate

Our mate tea is characterised by a round and balanced taste. It is cut so finely that neither stems nor dust remain in the tea. Our mate tea comes in a precious and high-quality aroma can made of metal, which preserves the sensational and real taste of South America and also does without plastic.

Puerto Mate RohTee

The great Mate-FAQ

Originally “mate” was the name used in South America for the container that people would traditionally drink mate tea from. The herb the mate tea is made from is called yerba. It is gained from the cut and dried leaves of the mate bush or mate tree. Today we talk about “a” mate, and by that we naturally mean a bottle or a can of mate tea.

The largest growing areas are in South America in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. While developing the El Tony drinks, we work in close collaboration with the renowned Pindo Farm in Argentina.

Planting a mate bush in Central Europe without a greenhouse is difficult because the plant likes a constant average temperature of 20 to 23 °C.

Many people describe the taste as being more natural and lighter than your standard, carbonated lemonades. What is special about a mate is its invigorating effect in spite of the low sugar content – something an energy drink can only provide in its wildest dreams. Furthermore, a mate also contains natural caffeine which means this drink is also interesting for people otherwise sensitive to caffeine.

Pure tea is said to have a number of positive properties. The leaves contain numerous minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, as well as antioxidants. In line with today’s health trends, mate tea is also seen as an alternative to the usual stimulants.

There are plenty of ways of refining the mate leaves. The combination that tastes best depends of course on a person’s individual preferences. El Tony’s choice is ginger and guarana.

In South America, mate is not drunk out of a bottle or can, but traditionally with a straw out of hollowed out calabash or cow horns. Mate is served ice cold, at room temperature or hot – sometimes even mixed with alcohol. However, you have to bear in mind that mixing caffeine and alcohol can pose a number of risks.

The positive characteristics of the natural mate tea have been proved scientifically. Mate tea contains caffeine but is a healthy stimulant for nerves, muscles and your metabolism. There is only around half the sugar in mate in comparison to the sugar contained in coke & Co.