El Tony Mate und Ginger

El Tony Mate & Ginger

Ginger-power for long nights

The new horse in the stable and just as strong as its brother. Mate tea from the Argentine Pindo Farm is freshly brewed in the cold brew process, refined with organic cane sugar and lemon juice before a hefty shot of ginger is added. The high efficacy of ginger against all kinds of ailments makes El Tony Mate & Ginger a genuine power booster.

Nighthawks are particular fans of El Tony Mate & Ginger. Because it does not just keep you awake, and taste incredibly good, it is also a popular mix for Russian fire water. “Do svidaniya” Tony Mule, or Gin Tony. We’re still working on the name. And so would be happy to hear any suggestions you may have…😉

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What’s inside:

El Tony Mate - Inhaltsstoffe - Mate Blatt
El Tony Mate - Inhaltsstoffe - Rohrzucker
El Tony Mate & Guarana - Inhaltsstoffe - Zitrone
El Tony Mate - Ingwer