El Tony Mate

El Tony Mate

Mate-Tea meets the superfruit guarana

Finally united: Freshly brewed in the cold brew process and sweetened with organic cane sugar. Mate, the South American “drink of the Gods”, and the local super fruit guarana become one to give you maximum sweet power.

Forget coffee: The seeds of the guarana plant provide five to ten times as much caffeine as conventional coffee beans. Furthermore, guarana contains fibers and tanning agents via which the caffeine gradually gets into your bloodstream. This gives El Tony Mate & Guarana a particularly long-lasting energizing effect.

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What’s inside:

El Tony Mate - Inhaltsstoffe - Mate Blatt
El Tony Mate - Inhaltsstoffe - Rohrzucker
El Tony Mate & Guarana - Inhaltsstoffe - Zitrone
El Tony Mate & Ginger - Guarana