El Tony Mate – Your kick with a green footprint

It’s no secret, only what’s good goes into our El Tony Mate. But that’s not enough for us. Because we also want that nothing comes into our El Tony Mate what is not good ; ) For example, CO2 emissions. As a manufacturer, we are aware of our responsibility and we want to live up to it: that’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into the last few months and examined our entire production processes down to the last step. The decision was simple and clear: all CO2 emissions generated will be compensated with ClimatePartner.

This means: every El Tony Mate you pick up in the supermarket, in a bar or at your friends’ house on the roof terrace has a big, fat 0 in the carbon footprint. This is our way of contributing to the preservation of our wonderful planet, giving you not only the kick you need, but the green footprint to go with it.

go green!

How does it work?

Carbon neutrality means that the CO2 emissions of our products are offset by climate protection projects. Our El Tony Mate cans and bottles become climate neutral in three steps:

  1. Determination of CO2 emissions

Every year, we record the relevant CO2 emission sources of our company and products and derive measures to avoid and reduce emissions. When calculating the carbon footprint, we record the CO2 emissions caused, for example, by the materials used, the production process and logistics. In addition, we take into account our general business activities, such as administration or our business trips.

  1. Offsetting CO2 emissions through a climate protection project

Climate protection projects save CO2 – for example through reforestation measures or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies with climate-friendly alternatives. By supporting reforestation in Uruguay, we can offset the CO2 emissions caused by our products. All projects are regularly audited by independent organizations and are certified according to international standards, so you can be sure that the measures are actually implemented on site. You can find information about our climate neutrality at  www.climatepartner.com/16632-2106-1001.

  1. Product labeling with the climate neutral label

All El Tony Mates produced by us are climate neutral without additional costs and marked with our label “climate neutral”: The label offers full transparency: By entering the ID number on www.climatepartner.com it becomes traceable how much CO2 was offset and which climate protection project was supported.